Tips for Playing Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the popular open-world action role-playing games released in 2020 by miHoYo developer. The game has become extremely popular among gamers due to its exciting gameplay and stunning graphics. For new players who want to try this game, here are some tips for playing Genshin Impact that can help improve your playing experience:

  1. Choose the right character: The characters you choose in Genshin Impact can significantly affect your gameplay and strategy. Make sure to pick a character that fits your preferences and playstyle. Also, don’t hesitate to try out new characters and explore their unique abilities.
  2. Explore the vast world: Genshin Impact’s open-world feature is one of its best qualities. Make sure to explore every corner of the game, search for hidden items, and complete quests. Not only will this give you a better experience, but it can also provide valuable rewards.
  3. Use the elemental system: The elemental system in Genshin Impact is crucial for strategy and battles. Understand the weaknesses and strengths of each element and use characters with different elements to enhance the effectiveness of your attacks.
  4. Upgrade weapons and characters: To face increasingly stronger enemies, make sure to regularly upgrade your weapons and characters. There are many items and materials you can use to enhance your weapons and characters, so always be on the lookout and collect them.
  5. Play with friends: Genshin Impact also provides a multiplayer mode that allows players to play with friends. Playing with friends can help you increase your power, complete quests together, and get better rewards.
  6. Use resin effectively: Resin is a vital item in Genshin Impact used to unlock valuable rewards. Make sure to use resin effectively, especially when participating in boss fights and special events.
  7. Join special events: Developer miHoYo often holds special events in Genshin Impact that provide exciting rewards for players. Always check for the latest events and join them to get valuable rewards.

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Gensih Impact
Gensih Impact

Tips for Getting Primogems

Genshin Impact has many playable characters. However, to obtain these characters, players must do gacha using primogems. Primogems are the premium currency in the game that can be purchased with real money or obtained through certain methods. Here are some ways to get primogems for free:

Completing Daily Quests and Tasks

Every day, players are given daily tasks and quests that can provide primogems as a reward. These quests usually involve exploring the world, killing monsters, or completing challenges. Always make sure to complete daily tasks and quests to earn additional primogems.

Defeating Boss Monsters

Boss monsters in Genshin Impact often give primogems as a reward if successfully defeated. Make sure to prepare well before challenging these bosses, as they can be very strong.

Opening Treasure Chests

Throughout the world of Genshin Impact, there are treasure chests that can be opened with specific keys. Usually, rewards from these chests include primogems or other useful items. Make sure to explore the entire world of Genshin Impact to find these treasure chests.

Buying from In-Game Shop

Although primogems are usually bought with real money, there are also ways to obtain them in-game using in-game currency such as Mora or Stardust. Players can exchange this in-game currency to buy primogems from the in-game shop.

Participating in Events and Giveaways

Participating in events and giveaways held by Genshin Impact’s developers can provide opportunities to win primogems for free. Make sure to follow Genshin Impact’s official social media accounts and stay updated on the latest events and giveaways being held.

In playing Genshin Impact, getting great characters is indeed very important. However, make sure not to spend too much money on buying primogems. Try the methods above to obtain primogems for free and enjoy this game wisely.

Those are some tips for playing Genshin Impact that can help improve your gameplay experience. By following these tips, you will become more skilled in facing challenges and obtaining exciting rewards in this game. Happy playing!